IAML/IASA Annual Conference, Perugia, Tuesday 3 September 1996, 16:15 - 17:45

IAML. Bibliography Commission

Renato Meucci (Conservatorio di Musica "F. Morlacchi", Perugia)

The Bibliography of Italian Organological Studies

Until very recently, the research on musical instruments suffered in this country of a scanty (if any) interest by State and Public Institutions (such as museums and collections of instruments), as well as of a low consideration by many musicologists. On the other hand, a notable amount of studies was carried on by organologists and players.
As a consequence of fact, organological writings were scattered in a plethora of journals and separate books, mostly difficult (if not impossible) to identify, and localizate.
The projected goal of the Bibliografia Organologica Italiana (B.O.I.) was therefore that of gathering in a sole volume the largest possible number of bibliographic references published in Italy or in Italian, while quoting, as far as possible, one or more libraries owning the papers mentioned.
Since its beginning in 1991, the B.O.I. (whose publication is announced for 1997), was foreseen with the esclusion of the organ, for a careful bibligraphy on this instrument had already been edited by Renato Lunelli (Acta Musicologica, 1958), and more recently updated by Arnaldo Morelli (Le Fonti Musicali in Italia, 1992).
All other instruments and respective literature, however, were included in this bibliography, and with a comprehensive attitude as well. Historical studies are therefore listed aside those on technology of instruments, on sounding properties, on perfomance practices, as well as on conservation and restoration of instruments or their parts. Furthermore, a special attention was given to Acustics, as well as to tuning methods and historic temperaments. A similar consideration was credited to Iconography, a subject which has raised a notable interest in Italy all along the last years.
The result is a comprehensive survey of writings, among whom violin-making (and makers) play, of course, a relevant role. They form a corpus of about 3,000 entries (the older ones dating back to the 17th cent.), most of which are printed papers, while several manuscripts and other sources (such as photographs) are also mentioned.
Some of the listed items represent a real discovery in our field; others will be more easily known by students, thanks to the accurate general index included in the book; many others will be eventually retraceble through the libraries' siglas appended to most entries. The aim of my presentation of B.O.I. is that of drawing organologists' and librarians' attention on some rare and intriguing papers; that of discussing problems and methods adopted during the bibliographic research as well as while indexing the book; finally, that of reporting some information on Italian libraries which own books and other material of organological interest.

La Bibliographie Organologique Italienne

Le but de la Bibliographie Organologique Italienne a été d'enregistrer dans un seul volume (à paraître en 1997) le plus grand nombre possible d'études au sujet des instruments de musique écrits en italien ou publiés en Italie, aussi bien que de mentionner, autant que possible, une ou plusieurs bibliothèques qui possèdent chaque titre cité.
L'orgue a cepandant été exclus, comme il avait déjà été objet d'une bibliographie exhaustive de M. Renato Lunelli (Acta Musicologica, 1958), tout récemment mise au jour par Arnaldo Morelli (Le Fonti Musicali in Italia, 1992).
D'ailleurs, on a pris en consideration, dans une perspective délibérément très ample, tous les autres instruments et les écrits qui les concernent : l'histoire et la technique constructive, le fonctionnement et les modalités d'exécution, la conservation et la restauration, l'acustique, l'accordage et les tempéraments historiques, aussi bien que l'iconographie musicale.
Mon rapport a pour but de signaler, parmi quelque 3.000 titres enregistrés (les plus anciens remontant au 17ème siècle), ceux qui peuvent être de particulier intérêt pour les organologistes et les bibliothécaires ; de débattre certaines questions de catalogation rencontrées pendant la préparation et la rédaction de l'index general du livre ; de fournir enfin des renseignements sur certains bibliothèques italiennes qui possèdent des fonds libraires d'intérêt organologique.

Die Literatur der Italienischen Instrumentenkunde

Die Literatur der italienischen Instrumentenkunde umfasst ungefähr 3.000 Titeln auf italienisch geschriebenen oder in Italien veröffentlichten Artikeln und Bücher. In meisten Fälle ist die Anweisung einer oder mehrerer Bibliotheken hinzugefügt. Die Bibliographie wird im 1997 veröffentlicht sein.
Die Studien über den Orgel sind nicht eingeschlossen, denn es gibt schon die sorgfältige Bibliographie von Renato Lunelli (Acta Musicologica, 1958), die Arnaldo Morelli (Le fonti musicali in Italia, 1992) auf den letzten Stand gebracht hat.
Man beschäftigt hier sich mit allen anderen Instrumenten, von verschiedenen Standpunkten untergesucht: von Geschichte bis Konstruktion, von Betriebung bis Aufführungspraxis, von Erhaltung bis Restaurierung, und noch von Akustik, Stimmung und historischen Temperamenten bis musikalische Ikonographie. Die älteste Beiträge stammen aus den 17ten Jahrhundert, während die neueste aus den Jahren 1990 sind.
Das Referat hat die folgende Ziele festgesetzt:
Titeln besonderer Originalität für Instrumentenkundler und Bibliothekar voraussetzen;
Katalogisierungsprobleme vorstellen, die in der Vorbereitung und der Abfassung des Inhaltsverzeichniss entstanden;
Auskunfte über die italienischen Bibliotheken, die wichtige Kollektionen besitzen, geben.